Terms of purchase

The Fyndbörsen's purchase conditions apply to the Consumer Purchase Actthe Consumer Purchase Act (SFS 1990: 932)and the Distance Contracts Act (SFS 2005: 59).

Customer information
It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that the address provided at the time of ordering is correct. For clients under the age of 18, parental approval is required. Order in another person's name without his consent is reported to the police.

Protection of personal data
In connection with your registration and order, you agree that we store and use your information in our business to complete and provide the service that you expect from us. According to PUL (Personal Data Act), you have the right to receive the information we have registered on you and if you consider it to be incorrect or irrelevant, you can request correction or removal from our customer register. In that case, contact us. We also assure that we will not sell or transfer any personal information.

Priserna på Fyndbörsens hemsida uppdateras frekvent och visas inklusive moms. Priserna är angivna i svenska kronor och eventuella frakt och fakturaavgifter tillkommer automatiskt i kassan på vår webshop. Priset som gäller vid beställningstillfället gäller även vid fakturerningstillfället, oavsett om priserna förändras efter att beställningen gjorts. Priset som gäller är det som står på produktsidorna.

Om inget pris finns angivet för en produkt, är kunden tvungen att begära offert på produkten i fråga. Vi reserverar oss för felpublicerade priser.

Vid försäljning via vår webbshop sker direktbetalning med betalkort (VISA, Mastercard) och Swish via Reepay, Paypal och exempelvis faktura, delbetalning, kortbetalning, banköverföring och Swish via Klarna. Vid direktbetalning belastas kontot direkt när du lägger beställningen.

Fees when ordering
As a customer, you can choose between several different payment options in our webshop. Note that some of our payment methods have transaction fees as below:

Invoice via Klarna: SEK 0
PayPal: 0 kr
Reepay: 0 kr

Transaction fees are automatically added to the shopping cart when you choose the payment method at our checkout.

Ej uthämtade paket
Om inte paketet (under 20 kg) hämtas ut tar vi en avgift på 295 kr för hantering av returen. För större gods som går med hemleverans blir summan den faktiska fraktkostnaden.

Felaktig information

We reserve the right to make errors in information and specifications on all products on our website. Nor can we guarantee that an image reflects the exact appearance of the product.

Normal delivery time is 1-5 days, but with high order intake or ordering of certain products, delivery can be a little slower. If any of the goods you ordered are out of stock, we will notify you as soon as possible, and give you information about the delivery time. We also reserve the right to refuse delivery due to our or the supplier's stock situation, or if for any other reason we do not approve the order. We notify the customer (via e-mail) if such situations arise.

All delivery notices are preliminary - which is because we reserve the right that our suppliers can sometimes change their delivery notices on our purchase orders.

The maximum time that an order can be with UPS, DHL Posten without being picked up by you as a customer is called lying time. The shelf life for standard packages is normally 14 days. If your order is not redeemed on time, it will be returned to us on Fyndbörsen, and you will be charged the shipping costs.

If you as a customer consider that delivery is delayed so long that you wish to cancel the product in question, it is your responsibility that the order is canceled before delivery takes place, according to these terms of purchase. Partial delivery of orders can take place by agreement (normally without extra shipping costs).

NOTE: When an order is to be canceled, this is done by e-mailing us at [email protected] A confirmation of your cancellation will be sent back to your email. Be very aware that you will receive this confirmation within 24 hours (weekdays), otherwise there is a risk that your order will not be canceled.

Visible damage to goods should be reported directly to the shipping company upon receipt. Other damages should be reported to the shipping company within a "reasonable time" (within 2 months) from receipt (however, we strongly recommend that you do this within seven days, for smoother handling). Missing goods, incorrectly sent goods or other issues that do not concern the shipping company must reach us within a reasonable time.

Pack number
Package number is automatically emailed out when the order has been processed. If you have not received the pre-notification via email, check that it has not happened to end up in the spam and that you have really entered your email address correctly to us at the time of ordering. Our website is brand new so we do not have a built-in package search right now, so email us for info if you have not already received the tracking link via email.

Change of order
Until your order is delivered from us, you can change your order at no extra cost (except for the price difference between the goods). However, this does not apply if the item is a special order. The price that applies is what is relevant at the time of the change. If you want to change your order so that the total amount is higher than before, you may have to place a supplementary order, or change your order completely depending on which payment method you have chosen.

You can cancel an order free of charge until the order is delivered from us, even in the event of delayed deliveries, although not if the order is a special order. If you have paid in advance, you will get your money back within 20 days if you cancel.

Right of withdrawal (and returns)
As a private customer you have the right to regret the purchase within 14 days of receiving the product(s), or 30 days for purchases of XTZ products (XTZ Buy & Try), with some exceptions. You can find more info on Buy & Try at www.xtzsound.eu.

Inform us about your regretted purchase via e-mail or via our contact formYou can also inform us of you regretted purchase by filling out and mailing the Swedish Consumer Agency (Konsumentverket) form to us.

Return shipping always takes place at your expense in accordance with the Distance Contracts Act § 18 and at your own risk (in terms of packaging, packaging and any compensation from the transport company). If the return refers to a steam purchase that weighs over 20 kg, contact us, and we can send out return slips at a much better price than what private individuals receive at Posten. Please note, however, that even if we send out a bill of lading, it is your responsibility (in terms of packaging, packaging and any compensation from the transport company).

NOTE!Keep in mind that the right of withdrawal does not always apply, for example measuring systems with software such as XTZ Room Analyzer and headphones of the so-called in-ear model. In-ear headphones are considered a body-hugging product and cannot be undone for hygienic reasons if they have been used. The only way to ensure that they have not been used is if the packaging is completely unbroken (wrapped, tape untouched, etc.). If the packaging is completely unbroken, it is possible to cancel the purchase.

This of course does not apply if we sent an item that was not the one that the customer ordered. Remember that you as a customer are responsible for the return of the product. Therefore, for example, we recommend that you always send back larger products such as LCD & Plasma TVs (37 "and up) strapped to a pallet.

Quote from the Swedish Consumer Agency aboutDistansavtalslagen SFS 2005:59:

"If you have purchased an item, you are obliged to keep the item in as good a condition as when you received it. You have the right to make such interventions in the item as are necessary to examine it. Of course, you should be careful and not make another extensive investigation than necessary. If the product is damaged or lost due to negligence, you lose the right of withdrawal. " The product must be returned in its original condition and in its original packaging.

Otherwise, we charge the customer for costs that Fyndbörsen suffers to restore the product. (Tip: Remember not to seal your returns with silver tape, as this will damage the cardboard boxes, making it difficult for Fyndbörsen to restore the product).

The Distance Contracts Act at the Swedish Consumer Agency (PDF):The Distance Contracts Act.

The legal text can be found in the Government Offices' Legal Databases.

In the case of a regret purchase (also XTZ Buy & Try) with payment method Klarna, the entire invoice or partial payment amount must be paid to Klarna, after which the Fyndbörsen will refund the amount for the item value of returned goods.

Customers outside the EU
Customs and fees are not refunded to the customer, if the customer wishes to return the item.

Sales Norway
XTZ has granted exclusive rights to surround.no for all sales in Norway and Fyndbörsen can therefore no longer deliver XTZ products to Norwegian customers.

Guarantees and complaints
We follow Swedish suppliers' warranty terms and provide a 2-year warranty on most of our brands (with the exception of certain products such as cameras and game consoles, etc. that have a 1-year warranty) and offer a 3-year warranty under the Consumer Purchase Act.

XTZ includes a 5-year warranty on most products.

When selling abroad, we provide a 1-year European guarantee. If the product is sent to a Swedish service workshop, the national guarantee is applied. The shipping is paid for in these cases by the buyer.
Warranty means that within 2 years you can return the faulty product to a workshop located near where you live and have it repaired free of charge. However, the workshop must be authorized. There are authorized service workshops in most major cities in Sweden.

We apply the new Consumer Purchase Act, as the customer has the right to complain about a product within 3 years, provided that the buyer can demonstrate that there is a defect in the product and that it is not due to wear or the like. What is considered to be a defect in a product is defined by the manufacturer or its service partner - a good example of this is pixel defects, which can occur on TVs.

If a product is complained about and no errors are found by the service workshop, you as a customer must pay the inspection fee that the workshop charges (approximately SEK 500-700).

We reimburse customers' shipping costs for complaints, we send out shipping slips to our customers, but only if the complaint is due to original errors that can be ascertained by either the service workshop or Fyndbörsen.

Always save the invoice / receipt that must be able to be shown for the guarantee to apply. In case of problems, contact us first by e-mail or telephone. Then we solve the guarantee commitment in the best possible way. We cover the shipping costs during the warranty period. Remember to also save original cartons and original packaging during the entire warranty period, or even longer if, for example, the product needs to be sent for repair outside the warranty period.

Delivery complaint (transport damage)
Visible damage to goods should be reported directly to the shipping company upon receipt. Other damages should be reported to the shipping company within a "reasonable time" (within 2 months) from receipt (however, we strongly recommend that you do this within seven days, for smoother handling). Missing goods, incorrectly sent goods or other issues that do not concern the shipping company must reach us within a reasonable time.

Promotions and offers
The products we list under "promotion" or "offer" apply as long as the stock lasts, or until the time for the promotion has expired. If we delete a promotion or offer on the website, but the products are still in stock, you will be able to find them under their normal product categories.

In case of dispute
In case of dispute we follow the recommendations by Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden (ARN).

Web: arn.se
Address: ARN, Box 174, 101 23 STOCKHOLM

User support
For support of a general nature, we primarily refer to the manufacturer of the product in question. In the event of war, natural disaster, industrial action, government decisions, non-delivery of subcontractors, costly circumstances, and a comparable event beyond our control which could not reasonably have been foreseen, Fyndbörsen is released from its obligations to fulfill these conditions.

Online dispute resolution
Follow this link to the website of the European Commission entity for online dispute resolution for consumer disputes: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ - further information is expected to be available there from 15 February 2016. Should you have any initial questions regarding a potential dispute resolution, please email us at [email protected]