Warranty & Service

For warranty service on your goods, contact us or an authorized workshop. You can find these by visiting the manufacturer's website and checking for service / warranty / workshops. Also keep in mind that if you feel insecure, contact us directly for help with your complaint.

Note: ALWAYS contact the workshop and check that it is authorized, BEFORE you send the product, otherwise you may be forced to pay unnecessary costs.

Have the product's model code and serial number available together with the purchase receipt and a short error description when you contact us or the service workshops. Before you report errors / complaints about your broken product, we ask you to carefully check that all settings are correct. Also read the operating instructions carefully. This is to avoid flawless products coming into service. Certain external circumstances, such as interference from other electronic products, may also cause a product to be faulty. A fault fee is charged for defect-free products that come into service.

If possible, use original packaging if the product needs to be transported. So preferably save original carton and original packaging during the warranty period, preferably longer. The transport companies do not compensate for damage if the product has been poorly packaged. An accurate description of the defect must be included and if you invoke a warranty, a purchase document from the dealer must also be attached. The information in this list is subject to change without our knowledge.