Buy And Try Policy XTZ

At our own brand XTZ, we have a very generous Buy & Try policy. The Buy & Try principle means that we offer a good refund policy when you buy our XTZ products. You buy the products as usual, but you get a 30-day right of return if you are not satisfied. You only pay for shipping. Buy & Try helps us to prove the quality of our products and offers you an optimal way for you to be satisfied with your purchase.

-Try our speakers in your own home. A speaker does not sound the same in a store as in your own room.
-Get expert advice on how to optimize your new sound system for your environment.
-No intrusive seller.
-100% Risk-free - Full refund, minus the cost of any return shipping, if you are not satisfied with your purchase.
-No stress and enough time to test the product, it takes time and assess a sound product properly.

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For other brands, the usual right of withdrawal of 14 days applies.