XTZ Beryllium Upgrade

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Kit för uppgradering. Innehåller 1 st Seas Excel Beryllium-diskant och 1 st optimerat delningsfilter. För XTZ 99-serien.
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Brand: XTZ
: 1 st

This kit includes 1 pc SEAS Excel T29B-XTZ beryllium tweeter and 1 pc optimised crossover filter for this tweeter.

Important! 1 kit is for 1 loudspeaker
Berylliumkit is an upgrade that target newer and old versions of the XTZ 99 series. The kit is based on the SEAS extreme tweeter T29B001, a tweeter with the membrane of the exclusive metal beryllium. To match the performance of the tweeter, the kit includes a crossover with handpicked high quality components,
The crossover is fine-tuned to work with the 99 series magnesium membrane Excel woofers in terms of phase, crossover frequency and timbre.

The upgrade provides in general:

• Increased Dynamics
• Less Distortion
• Larger Spread
• Improved Phase Characteristics
• Increased Power Handling

Matched for XTZ 99.25 and 99.26. Does also fit 99.36 if you modify the cable lengths. Doesn't matter if it is MKI, MKII, LCR or FLR. Please note that the tweeter does not fit the FLR 2021 cabinet.

Parts from Mundorf Supreme.

Cables are our own XTZ oxygen free copper speaker wire Made in Sweden.

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